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When might a professional painter be the answer?

It happens to all do it yourselfers at some point. You find yourself in for more than you’ve bargained for.

Painting is the number one "do it yourself" home project. Most homeowner feel fairly confident that it is a project they can tackle themselves.

Usually, this is the case. Sometimes, problems arise. This is the time to bring in a professional painter.

First and most importantly, don’t feel like a failure because your do it yourself project failed. No two paint jobs are alike, since no two rooms are alike.

One paint job may go off without a hitch, while another turns into a complete disaster, despite using the exact same methods. It is the nature of painting.

Different surfaces, different paints and products, the condition or disposition of the walls…any of a thousand things can affect the outcome of a painting project.

And that is not to mention more “human” problems. We are all human, and therefore error prone. Sometimes we just get in over our heads. A project may turn out to be larger than we expected it to be. More daunting than we anticipated.

A professional painter is aware of these little “quirks” of the painting trade, and how to counteract them. For the average do it yourselfer it can just become overwhelming.

Professional painters don’t merely know “how to paint”, they also know how to fix problems that have already been encountered. As a professional painter myself, I estimate that approximately 30-40% of my jobs come from people who attempted to “do it themselves” and either ran into problems or did not like the final outcome.

It happens.

The internet has become a great tool for finding quality contractors and painters in your area. Most professional contractors nowadays know that the internet is the future. People search for information online, whether its information on health topics, home projects, music, etc…

The internet is quickly replacing the “old school” resources as the premier place to find professional help of all sorts.

I’ve found a great network of professional painters and contractors at

Reliable Remodeler has a vast association of proven, professional painters, general contractors, masons, drywallers, and many others available to give you free estimates on your home decorating or renovation project.

The program is very easy…simply go to their site,

and fill out the hassle free estimate request form. Matching local contractors will contact you with free estimates for your home project in less than 48 hours. It’s that simple.

A Few Notes To Help You Select The Right Professional Painter

  • TIP #1

    Are you looking for a faux finish or a straight paint job? Pretty much any professional painter can perform a quality straight paint job. However, if you are looking to have a faux finish or some other type of specialty technique done, be sure to ask the painting contractor if they do faux finishes before you hire them.

    It’s a let down for both the client and the contractor to find out they are unable to complete the given project.

  • TIP #2

    Specify your preferred painting product.

    Most professional painters work with a specific brand of paint and supplies unless requested otherwise. If you have a preference for brands, etc, be sure to specify that with the contractor so they can purchase the appropriate supplies.

  • TIP #3

    Weigh Your Options

    Even though budget is always a major factor when contracting out home improvement projects, if you receive multiple estimates, always consider your options before deciding on the lowest estimate.

    If one estimate is considerably lower than the others, ask yourself “why”? Experience and reputation are hard earned in the contracting field…so are top notch prices.

    If in doubt, ask the low bidder “why” their particular bid was so much lower than any others. He/She may have misunderstood the scope of the job…or they may just work for less. A lower price does not mean you're settling for a less professional contractor...but a little caution is always advisable when something appears out of the norm.

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