How To Paint

Knowing how to paint, all the tricks and techniques of effective painting, is essential to achieving the look you desire for your home.

Whether you’re attempting to create a faux finish or merely a great-looking traditional paint job, the proper priming and base coating techniques can make all the difference.

Most instructions I’ve seen for faux finishing and even traditional painting seem to assume you already know the basics of how to paint.

For the first time do-it-yourselfer, and for those whose earlier painting attempts haven’t gone so well, this isn’t necessarily true.

There are many tips and “tricks of the trade” that make painting a much easier and less stressful project.

How to “cut in”? How to eliminate roller marks? How to load a roller or brush with paint?

These are all questions the beginning interior painter may have…and I’ve done my best to provide the answers for you.

Below you’ll find links to how-to pages for each major aspect of painting, from using and loading paint brushes to cleaning brushes and rollers.

The absolute biggest tip I can offer is this: make sure all your surfaces are prepared for painting before you begin. Check out the surface preparation page for instructions on how to properly prepare for painting.

Click on any of the links below to see professional "how to" painting tips.

For more great house painting tips and painting information, check out this excellent site, House Painting Info.

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