Faux Finishing Classes

Faux finishing classes are a great option, whether you simply want to create great faux finishes around your own home and those of friends and family, or start your own faux painting business.

In my opinion, great faux finishing classes do more than simply teach you how to faux finish.

Faux painting classes aught to teach you:

  • Something about the paints and glazes you are using.

  • Something about interior painting in general, not just faux finishes.

  • How to run a faux painting or faux finishing business, if that is what you desire.

  • Which tools to use, and how to use them properly.

  • The best and most professional ways to achieve a certain look.

I also believe they should offer:

  • Classes that teach other aspects of faux painting and decorating, such as Trompe L’oeil, Murals, and Venetian Plaster.

  • The freedom to use any products you wish after you leave them.

    Explanation: Some faux finishing classes ask you to sign a contract with them ensuring that you will only use their faux products after you finish their classes.

Choosing the Right Faux Painting Classes

There are many reputable faux finishing schools throughout the United States & Canada for the aspiring faux finish painter.

Most schools offer 'workshops' - that is, short courses anywhere from 2-7 days on the various aspects of faux painting.


Before committing to any faux finishing classes, always ask questions. You should ask about:

  • The school's (or teacher's) credentials.
  • The history/background of the school.
  • What benefits the classes offer outside of faux finishing instruction - for example, do they teach basic interior painting skills or the basics of running a faux finishing business?
  • Are students asked to sign a contract limiting the products they can use? If you intend to start a business, homeowners want to choose colors from the selection of their local home improvement store, not be limited by the professional’s products.

These are all important questions when choosing faux finishing classes.

For you Canadian surfers, check out Lori LeMare Studios. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I have heard great things about Lori's classes.

Do you run a faux finishing school or offer faux finishing classes? Use the Contact Me form to see how you can get your business listed here.

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