Decorating With Paint

Decorating with paint is an inexpensive, high impact way to change the look or feel of a space.

Think about it…how else can you transform the ambiance of an entire room for less than $100?

Furniture, wall art, lighting…these will all cost you hundreds, or thousands, of dollars.

Paint can do so much for so little.

Metallics, stenciled designs, crackle finishes, aging glazes…decorating with paint offers so much versatility. The boundaries are set only by your imagination.

And paint decor is not limited to walls. It can revitalize furniture, cabinets, woodwork, and many other objects.

Below you’ll find links to a variety of ideas. I’ve attempted to divide things up on a room by room basis, with a few extras thrown in, such as decorating furniture and decorating with stencils.

Remember that these are just ideas. Decorating with paint is an open book…you can use the ideas I present here, or use them a starter ideas for your personal taste or style.

Paint is the easiest and least expensive way to transform the look of a room, but of course you need art, decor, and furnishings to bring the whole thing together.

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