Painting Kids Rooms

Painting Kids Rooms

Decorating and painting kids rooms is one of the most fun jobs when it comes to the home. Kids are the lights of our lives, and we want to give them a fun and colorful environment in which to grow and learn.

Painting offers one of the least expensive, most high-impact ways to decorate a kids’ room.

When painting kids rooms, you shouldn't worry about making it flow with the rest of the house. This is the room to let imagination and creativity run wild.

Below I’ve listed a few great ideas for decorating and painting kids rooms.


Create a Themed Room

Children have unique characters, unique interests and favorite colors and characters…its part of developing individuality.

Whatever your child’s interests are, you can create a great theme-based room based on those interests.

The internet is a great resource to find all of the decorating accessories you need to complete your look, whether you’ve created a room decorated with Disney Princesses, Dora the Explorer, Bob the Builder, or a rock star theme.


Select the Right Colors

We all know that colors can affect our mood, our frame of mind, even our ability to act and learn.

For more on how colors effect our moods, check out the Mood and Color link.

Children seem to be especially sensitive to the effects of color, especially brighter colors. As a parent, our ultimate responsibility is to give our kids a place where they can learn, relax, play, and grow.

Disney has teamed up with Behr paints (the Home Depot owned brand) to create a line of Disney-themed paint colors with great names like “Smackeral of Honey” and “Pixie Dust”. You can check out the color palette online at the Disney Paint Website .

Also, infants enjoy bright colors and high contrasts, so Painting Stripes is a great choice for a nursery.

Try a pink and white color scheme for a garden or ballet-themed room.

Bright red, white, and yellow can be great for a circus theme. Red, white, and blue work great as either an Americana-themed or nautically-themed room. The creative ideas for painting kids rooms are endless.


Refinish and Reused Old Furniture

One great (and cheap!) solution to decorating a kid's room is to reuse and repaint old furniture.

Purchase inexpensive furniture and decor at garage sales, resale shops, and flea markets (eBay and Etsy are great places to browse for items) and give it a uniform appearance with a similar paint treatment.

Furniture of the same paint color appears to be a 'set'.

You can also be creative with your materials.

Try painting a picket fence piece and fixing it to the wall as a headboard. Even painting old linoleum or wood floors with geometric shapes is both whimsical and simple.


Try a Faux Finish

Another great idea for painting kids rooms is to use a faux finish.

A faux finish such as the faux clouds technique can add a feeling of openness or even a cartoonish effect.

A few other faux finishes that are ideal for painting kids rooms are the:

Denim Faux Finish

Leather Faux Finish

The leather faux finish and Suede Paint technique are a great choice in a cowboy-themed room. The leather faux finish is also fun in a baseball-themed room, to mimic the leather of an old baseball mitt.


Use Specialty Paints

There are several “specialty paints” available specifically for painting kids rooms and playrooms.

One of these is blackboard paint. This is simply a black paint that is applied to the wall and serves as a “blackboard”. It can be chalked up, drawn on, written on, and erased just like a real blackboard.

Magnetic Paint is another specialty paint…simply roll it on like any other primer/paint and magnets will stick to it. Perfect for letting children display their artwork, schoolwork, or posters.

Remember also the specialty paints made specifically for painting plastic are available in a wide variety of colors. You are not stuck with the primary colors that most plastic decor is available in!

Think of how cute that primary-colored picnic table would look painted hunter green or burgundy and placed in a camping-themed bedroom.


Apply a Mural

While painting kids’ rooms is not overly difficult, freehand mural painting is well beyond most DIY decorator’s talents. But thanks to stencils and wallpaper murals, creating a mural or scene is not beyond your reach.

Stencils are available at most craft and home improvement stores and online in a countless variety of designs.

Wall murals are also an option…wallpaper murals, wall appliqués, and paint by number murals are all viable option, even if you have almost no artistic ability.

So sit down, discuss your ideas with your children and get their (usually imaginative) feedback. You'll enjoy watching them make new memories in their special place. Who knows, it might even end up being your magical place too. But don't worry, we won't tell.

I hope these suggestions have given you some ideas for decorating and painting kids rooms in your home. For more great ideas on decorating kids rooms, check out Decorating Cool Kids Rooms an excellent website devoted entirely to decorating ideas for children.

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