Painting Furniture & Decor

Decorating with paint is not confined to walls alone. Painting furniture and cabinets is another easy way to spice up your home décor and add impact to your decorating scheme without spending hundreds of dollars.

Painting furniture can be the ultimate low-cost, high impact decorating technique. Why? Because with just a coat of paint you can use your existing décor or garage sale finds to add punch and life to your living spaces.

We all have pieces of furniture around our house that are outdated or beat-up. An old coffee table, some rather blah-looking cabinets, a dresser that has been scuffed and scratched.

Garbage, right? Or maybe it’ll bring in $1 at a garage sale.


Old, outdated furniture…scratched and scuffed décor…they can all be revitalized with a coat of paint.

Whatever your decorating scheme, with a little paint and some patience, you can create a beautiful conversation piece.

Painting furniture is not confined to a single solid color either. Furniture can be given a decorative faux finish (such as the marble faux finish ), or it can be color washed or sponged to create visual interest.

Stenciling can also be added to a painted piece to add more visual impact of create a style.

My daughter’s bedroom has two major pieces of furniture…both are salvaged furniture found at garage sales.

One is a large armoire that was discolored, unfinished pine when I found it. I simply gave it a coat of primer, a coat of cream paint, and used several decorative stencils in gold tones to create a bright, fun look.

I did something similar with a very shabby-looking desk I found…a few screws shored it up, then I primed and painted a cream color.

To finish the look, I antiqued it by rubbing some umber glaze across the front so it settled into the cracks.

These are just a couple of ideas for revitalizing old furniture. When painting furniture, the possibilities are endless, and depend on the room’s décor and your own personal style.

If you like the antiqued, shabby chic look, try crackle painting. It’s an easy, low cost way to give your furniture an aged, “shabby” appearance.

Note: One very important tip when painting furniture is to prime the surface first. Stained wood may cause paint to blister…unpainted wood may absorb or discolor the paint, so priming is always advised.

These tips work the same with old, outdated cabinets. Painting cabinets is a snap...simply clean, prime, and begin.

A crackle finish on cabinets can add punch to country or shabby chic décor. An aging glaze can create an antique Victorian or French Country ambience.

Feel free to experiment with stencils, stick-on murals, antiquing glazes, faux finishes…they can all work well when painting furniture and cabinets.

Lastly, there are far more ideas and tips than I can possibly give on this website.

Home interior magazines are full of ideas for refinishing and painting furniture. Browse a few magazines that fit your decorating taste or style.

Another great source of ideas for refinished or painted furniture is Pinterest, where users can upload and share photos of their own decorating and design ideas.

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